A bit about my story….

I’ve been creating images in one form or another since I was a young child. My first camera in high school, a very simple 35mm Praktica L – was what started my journey into photography. While attending the Ontario College of Art in Toronto (and advancing to a Nikon camera), I continued my studies in photography. Ultimately I decided that Illustration and Design would be a better fit starting a freelance career and I graduated with an Honours Degree from the Communication and Design department. None-the-less, photography was always a part of my workflow and continued to be a significant part of my creative outlet.

After many years of running a successful and award winning Illustration and Graphic Design business, photography took on another stage in my life. I’d always been shooting images for my design business and to support clients who needed images for marketing. Still my love of photography was there and I began doing wedding photography with my wife. However, after 12 years of shooting weddings – it was time to move on to other interests and endevours.

Fast forward a few more years and I found myself wanting to make some drastic life-style changes. A move to Nova Scotia offered a chance to semi-retire from the fast-paced freelance life I’d been accustomed to. It was also a chance to pursue my long standing love of photography.

I now have more free time and a breathtaking setting, to explore and create captivating images. The drama, beauty and variety of the “East Coast” environment never ceases to amaze me, and the landscape offers endless oportunities for capturing stunning images.

I love photography, and the experiences it brings me. I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors and connecting with nature. Hiking across rugged cliff tops or revisiting favourite stretches of beach that I know well, brings me such joy. The chance to capture an intimate scene, a beautiful sunset, a dramatic seascape, or simply nature’s lightshow – is what it’s all about for me. And with these images – I hope others can experience some of these beautiful scenes as well.

I hope you enjoy the images here, and that they bring you as much pleasure as they give me.

Alan is a member of the Kase Filters Canada – Pro Partner Team.

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