12 Significant Photos is a project inspired and led by
UK Professional Landscape Photographer – Chris Sale.

Visit Chris Sale’s website –  www.chrissale.co.uk


The inspiration for this project comes from the great Ansel Adams. He once said “Twelve significant photos in any one year is a good crop”.
With that in mind, a group of photographers from around the world set out to showcase their local area.

We picked 12 locations and were to visit them 4 times throughout the year. We documented in photos, the 4 different seasons.
Would we see a drastic difference in the landscape and how would that affect the images we captured?
It was an inspirational project and fun to execute. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and hope you enjoy seeing my results.

My 12 month project started in March 2021 and ended in February 2022.


To view a .pdf of my project – CLICK HERE

You can also view all the individual images by scrolling through the Gallery below.

MARCH – Pembroke Beach

APRIL – Lockeport Beach

MAY – The North Churn

JUNE – Mavillette Beach

JULY – Cape St. Mary’s

AUGUST – Pembroke Cove

SEPTEMBER – Chebogue Point

OCTOBER – Markland Estates

NOVEMBER – The Churn

DECEMBER – Pinkneys Point

JANUARY – Markland Cliff

FEBRUARY – Pubnico Point

BACK COVER – Cape Forchu

I hope you enjoyed viewing the images from my Project!

Thanks for looking.